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Kinderarten and Preschool
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Kinderarten and Preschool

Kindergarten and Preschool

There is nothing so exciting as a child's first experience at Preschool and Kindergarten.  MaryAnne Barrett is our outstanding Preschool and Kindergarten teacher.  She shares with every child how much they are a treasure in God's eyes.  The children learn through active learning more about the world around them, ABC's, 123's and so much more as they are prepared for more formal school beginning in their elementary grades.  Mrs. Barrett is a dynamic enthusiastic teacher with many years of experience teaching.  She has developed a program that delights all the children and parents alike. Children are encouraged to explore learning through hands-on activities in Science, Art, Bible, Liturature, and Math.   Your child will come away with a fantastic foundation for their academic career.   Don't miss out on the exciting activities and learning at Baker View Christian School's Kindergarten and Preschool!