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Volunteer Opportunities


We would like to invite you to volunteer at our school, t
here are so many ways you can help!  Please explore the links on the right to see just some of the ways you can get involved ...

Volunteer an hour by:


  • Working on the school grounds;  
  • Building maintenance;
  • Teaching Assistance in a classroom;
  • Supervising at lunch hour;
  • Preparing hot lunches;
  • Library Assistant;
  • Supervising with an athletic event and/or field trip(s).  

Please pray, and consider what a blessing your strengths and talents can benefit the children. 

We look forward to your experience and would love to hear your feedback, it takes a community to raise a child!

  Thank you for all your contributions.


Home, School, and Church
The connection between the “Home, School and Church” is critical to helping your child get the best education at Baker View Christian School. There are many way for you to get involved with your child’s learning. Home & School Association allows for parents, churches, and families to support the students of our school.
How can you help?
Go to our Calendar or Events page to see what programs and events are scheduled. Also check with the secretary by filling out a form listing the areas that are needed. When children see their family’s involved in education, they know that it is important. If families do not get involved, education thus becomes less important. It is up to you how your child views education.
Working with Teacher(s):
·      Morning Supervision: 8:15am – 8:30am & 3:00pm – 3:30pm ***** 5 Star Need
·        Field Trip Transportation
·        Christmas & other programs
·        Yearbook
·        Lunch/Recess Supervision
·        Classroom Volunteering
·        Bulletin Boards
·        Library
·        Teaching a class/ be a class guest
·        Cutting/ Preparing materials
Home and School Ministry:
·      Prayer Ministry
·        Class Parties
·        Fundraising
·        Operation Christmas Child
·        Annual Family Fun Day
·        Box Tops and Campbell’s Labels for Education
·        Scholastic Book Orders
General Activities:
·      Hot Lunch Preparation
·        Sweeping Gymnasium
·        Sweeping Parking Lot
·        Sweeping Front Entrance
·        Service Projects (Bible Labs)
·        Cleaning Extras (i.e. Fridge, Stove, Kitchen, etc.)
·      Gutters
·        Playground Checks
·        Trimming Trees
·        Gardening
·        School Improvement Projects
Below is an article that emphasizes great ideas in keeping the Home & School Connection alive.
The Home & School Connection:
Children benefit tremendously when you help them bridge their two most important worlds.