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Grades 3-5
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Grades 3-5
If your child is in Gr.1-4, they are in for a delightful, exhilarating, fabulous year. The Grades 1-4 theme for 2009-2010 is "Adventure In Learning".  Every subject helps to unleash the joy of learning and adventure. Learning in our Grades 1-4 class is fun, exciting, and full of discovery utilizing great problem solving skills, whether it is in Math, Science, or Bible class. Most of all, the students will be learning through all areas that they have a loving Creator who has made them, and loves them passionately. Mrs. Wendy Witas is our new Gr. 1-4 teacher for the 2009-2010 school year. She is an enthusiastic teacher that is ready to share Jesus with her students through music, art, science, math and liturature. Here at Baker View Christian school the early elementary grade children learn as a family. A multigrade classroom allows for learning and excelling at a child's own pace and does not allow grade levels to be a deterent to what can  be achieve. Ms. Wendy shared this with us, "As a teacher, I have been absolutely delighted with the incredible intelligence, wit, love and joy that elementary students bring. I look forward to meeting all of my new students on August 24th.  My prayer is that we have the greatest adventure yet, learning about the greatest teacher- Jesus, as we learn about the world around us and become equiped to serve in it. See you here at Baker View Christian School and join the adventure! May God bless as we discover learning together." 

                                                Teacher Wendy Witas